Was it just just a dream?

It is inconceivable to think what kind of the world we live in today. Information hysteria occupies our minds. For many years, people have been led astray by conspiracy theories. In my opinion, this tool is the most effective.

Yes. Let’s say there are countless sick people in this world. They really want to shrink the population, and they have the upper hand in the media to brainwash people over and over again. It’s almost impossible to get out of this cycle. But still…

Why do people act like sheep? Why is it so nice to live in fear?

I remember when I studied Classical Civilization in college admiring the Greeks for what an honor it was to die in battle, to find an equal opponent, like Hector and Achilles. Legends have been made of these battles until now.

Why do some people think they are so miserable, need protection, and beg for a quiet life, they hang themselves with a noose? Isn’t this a humiliation of their dignity and human self-respect?

Suppose we take as a fact the centuries-old fooling of people about historical facts, geo-history, science and the occasional cleansing of the population of the Earth by various wars or viruses… What if all this did not exist? Suppose there lived 200 billion people living on earth?

I agree. It is very difficult to control such a society.

But let’s imagine, if it were possible to create the Empire of mankind as a species on planet Earth, with an ecosystem of all its diversity. Then perhaps the exploration of space would not take years, but months. I don’t exclude people who have great power on Earth, who also understand their responsibility over mankind.

Almost there. If the population on Earth will continue to grow; either they must seize complete power over all resources and proclaim themselves — “ The Leaders of mankind”. Or create programs which would naturally reduce the population and the missing number of mankind will be replenished by drones with artificial intelligence. After all, it is much easier to control drones, and corruption will be reduced at times, theft, and murder.

In general, we’ll wait and see, there is still a lot to think about. However, I choose common sense and of course humanity. Yet, given each of us’s desire for individuality, we are rapidly becoming more and more like each other. Paradox.



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