While facing the age of Enlightenment, humanity forced to face absolute insanity.

We are human beings, divided not only by physical differences or rapture. But also by a complete universal conception. As long as humanity is in a dual state, it will evolve and take on different forms.

Sometimes inconceivable insights formed in our heads. Another game of duality. To believe what is real and what is imaginary.

Throughout life, humanity as we know it has been confronted with the incessant idea of the superiority of one over the other. Not on the principle of survival of the fittest, but on the principle of swinging dual polarity. Like a scale, where the side that outweighs it will move the wheel of life, until the polarities reversed as Yin and Yang.

If we read the books of scholarly researchers and philosophers whose literature has reached our time, we would be able to compare their knowledge with others and analyze the events of bygone years. But we should not trust all books; 90% of them are lies pursuing the intentions of the publishers.

What humanity faces today is the consistent evolution and development of society’s values, a social rupture that, like the phoenix, resurrects itself again from the ashes of an even more perfect and sacred one.

No matter how big the world is, it is not such a giant place to realize how connected we all are to each other — wind, current, water, invisible fields of energy. The principle of a cell’s existence in a larger organism. Today, the world shows us the serious opposition of a healthy organism against the so-called coronavirus. Which reflects to us the struggle of society, brewing in the colubrids and on the shores of the raging ocean, signaling as a beacon the destructive wave that is coming?

Of course, we can ignore and be deceived about the correct interpretation of the beacon’s signal color, or it’s meaning. But one thing we can definitely do together is to wonder, for what purpose is the lighthouse on shore, and how can it be interpreted?

Humanity today is a vulnerable high-frequency organism with the entire sequential evolutionary DNA strand in its arsenal. It is not easy for people to entrust their lives to unknown people, organizations, and even less so to a government running its own political games and intrigues. Not because those are bad, but because human beings have been used in warfare and experiments by private individuals for all generations.

Therefore, no one should be surprised at the aggressiveness and opposition to forced vaccinations, coercion, and arbitrariness of the authorities acting at the behest of the chair, leaving human freedoms behind.

But if there is a powerful side of illegality over human freedoms given innately itself, then according to Newton’s law and the laws of duality, no one will overturn the opposite side of the moon.

We will never be able to say whether things are right or wrong, but we can certainly choose one direction based on the call of our heart. Either we are led by fear or by love.



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