An Urgent call for United Nations and the whole World

Information influences the course of history

This morning, I received an urgent message from our volunteer at Safe Nations — “Is it true that the UN is no longer there and what’s the future of the UN?” This link followed —

United Nations Headquarters, New York, United States

Not wasting my time, I contacted a friend who has a trusted contact at UN Headquarters. Half an hour later, it turned out that this was not reliable information, that could turn the world upside down. Once again I realized how fragile the world is, and how deliberately false information can set a new path for the entire history of mankind.

Despite false information, the possibility of such a scenario can also arise in people’s minds. For this reason, it is essential to act together and suppress false information before it is founded. This applies to any manipulation of the media, false propaganda in the interests of certain individuals. I know that the media is a multi-billion dollar industry for the most part built on lies, interpreting events for their interests in ratings and profit. I also fear for the uneducated people in the economically depressed countries of the Middle East, Africa, and many remote regions where people have no proper education and cannot verify information by trusting the local media.

If such information reached powerful leaders of western countries and the international community, Russia would be blamed again, and new sanctions would be imposed. At best, at worst, a new Cold War. For a man who cares about his country’s future in the international community, I am perplexed when I learn of such a brazen statement.

For this reason, all of us must develop an educational culture, create the necessary filters and laws about the information security of a person as an individual. I hope that with our joint efforts we will be able to start information responsibility for the safety of our loved ones and all mankind.

May we all be attentive and care of our home — planet Earth!



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